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Coat of Arms

The prominent feature of the coat of arms is the African fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer), which is common in most areas of South Sudan. It symbolizes vision, strength, resilience and majesty. The eagle is leaning against a traditional shield and crossed spear and spade which symbolize the people’s resolve to protect the sovereignty of their republic and work hard to feed it

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Republic of South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan is bordered by Ethiopia to the east, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south, and the Central African Republic to the west. To the north lie the states of Southern Darfur, Southern Kordufan, White Nile, Sennar and Blue Nile which fall under the Northern region of Sudan. Southern Sudan’s capital city is Juba, in Central Equatoria State.

South Sudanese Pound
The South Sudanese pound is the official currency of the Republic of South Sudan. It is subdivided into 100 piasters. It was approved by the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly before secession on 9 July 2011 from Sudan. It was introduced on 18 July 2011, and replaced the Sudanese pound

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Republic of South Sudan Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare

Republic of South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics

China South Sudan
China and South Sudan established diplomatic relations on the first day of South Sudan’s independence. Since then, bilateral friendly cooperative relations has been developing comprehensively, with political trust continuously deepened, pragmatic cooperation steadily promoted and people to people exchange increasingly frequented. The two countries have been maintaining sound communication and coordination in regional and international issues.